Prof. Dr. Thomas Offermann teaches at:

Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock
Leo-Kestenberg-Musikschule Berlin
International Guitar Academy Berlin

=> New! If you are interested in studying with me privately, please contact me by e-mail! Apart from the possibility to come to Berlin in person or to attend master classes, I also give lessons via Skype! (www.skype.com).

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Developping Classical Guitar Technique


At GuitarraCoria 2011

… I love to teach! I love the idea that my students today benefit from my career as a performing artist.

Essential for my work is the training of young musicians under optimal artistic guidance, so that they may develope artistic personalities that can prevail in today's musical world.

My purpose is to give the students a comprehensive know-how for their future life as musicians and teachers. 

Artists must have the opportunity to perform!

… experience from playing concerts is essential for my students! There are annual concert at the Bonner Meisterkonzerte Klassische Gitarre and in Berlin; we've had TV-Portraits of some students as well as Live-Radio-Shows and concerts with the Norddeutschen Philharmonie in Rostock.

In my lessons I need an open-minded, creative and concentrated atmosphere. My idea is to transmit music and technique in a way that everybody can easily understand, through precise, effective analysis; but I also like the student to enjoy the lesson!

I try to awake more consciousness in the student’s playing and to help him to overcome anxiety. I do not mind setting very high standards for my students yet always providing the means to accomplish them.

Competition can help - but it should never harm!

… the success of a student often is a result of synergistic effects. The student can expect an open and interested attitude from his mates; they are not his rivals.

A good relationship of my students amongst each other and a partnership which is amical as well as critical is crucial to be able to learn from each other. Joint trips to concerts serve this comon sense, and everybody benefits.

Beeing really aware of our playing helps to overcome blockades as fear. Music is life, music is  is artistic expression and not the mindless repetition of mechanically learned exercises.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Offermann was visiting lecturer at numerous Music Universities, such as:

  • Ecole Normale de Musique Paris,
  • Manhattan School of Music New York,
  • Yale University in New Haven,
  • Eastman School of Music Rochester,
  • Hochschule für Künste Bremen,
  • and others.

Concerts, Master-Classes, Member of Juries and lectures at the important Guitar Festivals. THomas is often member of Juries of International Guitar Competitions.

As the head of the Gjuitar Dept. at the Music University in Rostock Thomas was responsible for the so-called Bologna-process for Classical Guitar.